Monday, December 29, 2008

"How will be the Feng Shui in 2009?"

In 2009, there will be lots of challenges especially in the first 6 month. However, from the year's BaZi analysis, I tend to believe this is a year that can be termed as a "TRANSITIONAL YEAR". As this will be the year that brings us to another level of lifestyle and level. To be higher or lower? All depends on your personal Lifepath Management... This will be the year that changes many lives throughout the world...

Be more positive as when we understand clearer about the road ahead, we are able to drive more carefully and everything shall be fine...

Worries won't help... A POSITIVE mind at least helps us to see the road ahead clearer.

More of the above shall be elaborated in my English Radio interview on 1-1-2009 @ 11am Malaysia time (GMT +8). For listeners in Kuala Lumpur, can tune to Radio TraxxFM, FM 100.1MHz. Others in any part of the world, can listen to the e-Radio at

Let's equip ourselves to welcome an interesting year of 2009!

Not just Feng Shui, wishing you a
very GOOD FENG SHUI Year in 2009!

Kenny Hoo



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