Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July/August 2009 - Challenging time for all?

As predicted in Good Feng Shui 2009 article and 號外Hao-Wai Magazine

this July and August will be challenging for many parties in many aspects. Especially of late there were so many shocking incidents (e.g. the recent TBH case) that really shakened our hearts...

This is due to during these two particular months, there will be stronger Earth element and clashing stars occuring. Beware of stomach-related, heart disease & blood circulation problems. Protests and riots will be experienced more frequently.

Hopefully the leaders are able to handle this critical timing with WISER "management" skills. Only through good leadership, sincerity, truthfulness, all the good Qi shall be with them...

We are still hopeful that things will be more stable after the end of August...

Let's wish the best for all of us!


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